Mission and Vision

Vision – 2025 for Mental Health Services in Oxford County


We pursue hope, recovery and resilience for all

As we heard from our stakeholders…

Hope, recovery and resilience for all…..

  • Individuals are valued as a whole person
  • Dignity, respect and empowerment guide our relationships
  • Safe, quality multifaceted mental health services are accessible and inclusive to a diverse community
  • Mental health services are close to home
  • There are no wait lists for services
  • Psychiatric services are timely, effective, and meaningful
  • There are no transportation barriers to receive services
  • Mental health awareness and public education, erase stigma, break down barriers and promote health
  • Access to safe and affordable housing is readily available

Strategic Imperatives 2016 – 2019

Breakthrough Strategic Direction:

Increase the value of the mental health care system for the people we serve

Enabling Strategic Directions:

  • Create and implement a needs-based, recovery-focused, multifaceted service delivery framework to provide opportunities for timely access to a variety of services and programs
  • Advocate for safe, affordable housing and develop a “housing first” approach within our services
  • Strengthen community partnerships and establish innovative relationships to enhance our services and further our vision
  • Establish a culture of continuous quality improvement that includes complete data collection, the results of which drive service delivery and demonstrate our impact
    • Advocate for community and system resources to achieve financial stability
  • Foster an environment that promotes staff & volunteer well-being and organizational health

*Vision, mission and principles and values adopted by the Oxford Branch Board of Directors November 24, 2015