A Remarkable Story of Trauma and Recovery: Shannon’s Story

Shannon’s remarkable story of trauma and recovery details the reality of addiction. “I came to CMHA Oxford for support, and it has helped me tremendously.  I started on a methadone program to help with the withdrawals.  This saved my life.”

Disclaimer: there are some aspects of Shannon’s story that describe traumatic events.  Please be advised that some of the content described may be disturbing for some readers.

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It Is In Herself She Will Find The Strength She Needs: Christine’s Story

This is a unique story about an inspirational woman, Christine, whose story aids to illustrate how incredibly complex mental illnesses truly are.  Christine’s story outlines the immense strength needed to endure the most unimaginable circumstances and her unbelievable journey to recovery, specifically with the incredible support of the Canadian Mental Health Association Oxford (CMHA).

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I Became the person I was searching for … I BECAME MY OWN SUPERHERO: Erica’s Story

For starters, do you know that everyone has a Superhero inside of them? Yes, that is right! You have the potential and personal power to ignite and unleash your Inner Superhero to rise up and save your day! Your Inner Superhero can solve your problems, achieve your life’s goals and dreams, and learn how to work with other Superheroes. Personally, my Inner Superhero saved my life. My Inner Superhero saved me from mental health challenges like: depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts that eventually led me to achieving my life goals and dreams. For example, one of my goals was to become a published author to share my story about HOW I overcame my inner villain through waking up my Inner Superhero. Because this process is so powerful that I feel it would be uncool not to share with others!

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