Our volunteer program provides a unique opportunity for clients and the general public to enhance the services offered through CMHA. Volunteers are an integral part of CMHA and support the Branch in a variety of areas. Volunteer positions include Client and Family Advisory Council, Peer Support, Volunteer Driver, and Special Events.

  • Volunteers are required to fill out an application, attend an interview, provide two references and complete an orientation package.
  • A suitable placement will be determined by both the volunteer and the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Due to the high volume of applications that we received and limited number of volunteer positions, we are not able to place everyone who applies.
  • Due to the complex application process, we ask volunteers to commit to volunteering for a minimum of 4-6 months

Client and Family Advisory Council*

Every client has a story to tell.

Your opinions and impressions from your involvement with our agency are invaluable to us as we strive to deliver client and family directed care and improve the overall client experience at CMHA Oxford.

Client and Family Advisors Must:

  • Have been a client in the past 5 years and be interested in sharing their positive and negative experiences
  • Be able to come to the majority of the council meetings; 8 times per year (about every 6 weeks) to advise us on initiatives, policies and programs.
  • Commit to approximately 4 hours per month as there is some project work between meetings.

*Actively recruiting, learn more here: Client & Family Advisor

Peer Support Volunteer*
Peer Supporters are people who have a lived experience with a mental illness and are now in recovery. They understand a lot about mental health because they have been there themselves. Peer Support is based on empowering individuals to take the lead on cultivating their own mental health recovery. Peer Support is about health and ability, not illness and disability. Peer relationships are built around a mutual understanding and trust, and are designed to be a compliment to traditional clinical care programs and not to replace them.

*Actively recruiting, learn more here: Peer Volunteer

Volunteer Driver*
Volunteers are needed to support clients by providing dependable transportation to and from their homes to appointments and/or groups. Volunteer drivers must be 21 years of age or older and have minimum 5 years driving experience. Travel is primarily throughout Oxford County, with the possibility of leaving the county. Provide agency with valid license, and insurance that shows two million dollar liability, submit monthly paperwork of volunteer hours contributed and mileage expenses, if it applies. Drivers using their own vehicles will be reimbursed for mileage.

*Actively recruiting, learn more here: CMHA Oxford Volunteer Driver

Special Events
Volunteers are needed for the planning/organizing for events and attending on the day of the event itself. Tasks may include helping to set up, take down, run a booth or support an activity, be a runner to bring supplies to those who need them. Volunteers may also be asked to help advertise our events (design posters and tickets), place posters, sell tickets, use social media, phone calls and bulletins to local organizations and businesses.

For more information, Check out our Volunteer Manual (February 2015) here

In demand Volunteer Postings:

We are always in need of more volunteers to fill these roles:

CMHA Oxford Volunteer Driver

Peer Volunteer

Client and Family Advisory Council Member

For the above postings, and to apply to be a general volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Application Form here and email it to volunteer@nullcmhaoxford.on.ca or mail, fax, or deliver it to our Woodstock office:

ATTN: Volunteer Coordinator
522 Peel Street
Woodstock, ON
N4S 1K3

Fax: 519-539-8317

For more information on becoming a volunteer, contact Kathlene Campbell-Conlon
Phone: 519-539-8055 ext. 226
E-mail: KathleneCampbell-Conlon@nullcmhaoxford.on.ca

*CMHA Oxford is happy to accommodate applicants with disabilities, if you require accommodations related to a disability at any point during the volunteer application process please let us know.