CMHA Oxford County offers a number of support group services. Most programs are free, however cost will be listed if there is a fee for group programs. We do offer a sliding scale for fee assistance for individuals who are in financial hardship.

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Unless otherwise specified, groups can be registered by contacting 519-539-8055 x 211.

Concurrent Disorders Support Group
This is a facilitator based group for individuals living with mental illness and addictions. It is a combination of education and support participants are encouraged to share their experiences, build support network and learn coping strategies.

This group is 8 weeks long, and the cost is free.

Facilitators include Kristin Toushan and Peer Support.

To register, or for more information, contact CMHA – Oxford at 519-539-8055 ext. 211.

CMHA Clients Groups
CMHA Clients groups explore the creative and expressive world of art, as well as new recipes and meals with our cooking classes. All groups are free to CMHA – Oxford Clients.

Social & Activity Groups for CMHA clients only:

3rd Thursday of every month at 1:30 PM, Station Arts Centre (Tillsonburg). Free Group

Tillsonburg: Connect with you case manager.
Woodstock (in partnership with WACHC): This group will run every other month starting in December 2014. This is a hands on cooking class topics include: healthy microwave meals, one pot dinners, cooking from garden fresh box, etc. Free group.

Connect with your case manager if you’re interested in either of these groups!

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT):
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy groups teach the skills of mindfulness, emotional regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal effectiveness.  These skills can help you gain more control over your emotions and deal with others more effectively.   The groups are more focused on teaching rather than group sharing.  You can benefit from this group if you have a diagnosis of  post traumatic stress or borderline personality disorders and/or people who experience suicidal or self harm feelings, excessive emotional highs or lows and relationship difficulties.  Groups run 1 half-day/week for 10 weeks, four times per year.  Each of the four modules include a component of mindfulness skills.  The group members must be prepared to commit to a 10 week, intensive group therapy, which includes weekly homework and meeting with one to one workers for each module.  Group members are required to attend both a pre and post interview where contracts are reviewed in order to participate in the group.

Client Referral Form for the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Group

Living a Healthy Life
People living with chronic conditions spend about 5% of their time with health professionals. These workshops provide information and teach practical skills that are needed to confidently manage their disease.

This is a FREE 6-week group, facilitated by Susan Forbes and Maureen Ralph in partnership with CCAC.

To register, or for more information, contact CMHA – Oxford at 519-539-8055 ext. 211.

Living a Healthy Life with Diabetes
The Diabetes Self-Management Program helps people with diabetes to better manage their symptoms and their daily lives. The sessions provide information and teach practical skills. It gives people the confidence and motivation they need to manage the challenges of living with diabetes.

This is a FREE 6-week group, facilitated by Susan Forbes and Maureen Ralph.

To register, or for more information, contact CMHA – Oxford at 519-539-8055 ext. 211.

Living Life to the Full™
In six, enjoyable 90-minute sessions – one per week – this course helps people to make a difference to their lives. Each session is expertly moderated and includes a booklet. Participants are taught how to deal with their feelings when fed up, worried, or hopeless, and learn skills that help them tackle life’s problems.

Want to know how to feel better, right now? This enjoyable, interactive course introduces the principles of Five Areas CBT and will help you understand your feelings and what to do about them. This is suitable for people who want to maximize their ability to deal with life’s challenges.

To register, or for more information, contact CMHA – Oxford at 519-539-8055 ext. 211.

Mindful Meditation Practice
No previous meditation experience is necessary and everyone is welcome.

Wednesday afternoons at CMHA Oxford in Woodstock, 522 Peel Street from 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM.  Free, drop-in, and open to the community.


Partnering with Families Affected by Mental Health and Addictions Issues
This education and support group is intended to help learn about mental illness and addictions issues, develop skills to help deal with the impact on family and friends, and collaborate with the individuals and treatment providers to find the best support options. (This group does not include consumer.)

This group is 8 weeks long, and the cost is free.

Facilitators include Kristin Toushan, Lucy Forman, and Heidi Bontaine.

To register, or for more information, contact CMHA – Oxford at 519-539-8055 ext. 211.

Post Partum Mood Disorders Group
Are you finding motherhood overwhelming, experiencing feelings of sadness, anxiety or anger? Or are you concerned about a family member or friend who is a new mom? There is help for depressed, overwhelmed or anxious mothers after the birth of a baby.

Moms Offering Moms Support (M.O.M.S.) is a group for women whom are experiencing a postpartum mood disorder or whom believe they may be experiencing a postpartum mood disorder. This group is available through a community partnership between the County of Oxford Public Health & Emergency Services, Canadian Mental Health Association of Oxford County and the YMCA of Woodstock. Group meetings are held every Tuesday between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM at the Oxford Ontario Early Years Centre, 21 Market Street East, Woodstock and free childcare is available.  The group does not meet in August.

If you would like more information on the M.O.M.S. support group or information about postpartum mood disorders in general, contact the Oxford Health Matters line at 519-539-9800 or toll free 1-800-755-0394 or visit their website.

The Canadian Mental Health Association 24 hour CRISIS LINE is also available at 1-866-933-2023.

An Innovative and Creative Community Partnership between: Oxford County & the YMCA.

Smoking Awareness
This group is for individuals who want to reduce or quit their tobacco use. Nicotine replacement therapy is offered at no cost for eligible individuals interested in participating in Stop Study.

This is a FREE 5-week group, facilitated by Kristin Toushan and Oxford Public Health – Stop Study.

To register, or for more information, contact CMHA – Oxford at 519-539-8055 ext. 211.

The Anger Solutions™
The Anger Solutions™ program has a proven track record, having been in use by a variety of agencies for over 10 years. The program combines the best of several evidence-based practices including CBT, REBT, Reality Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy. Results from our outcome measures show a consistent increase in self esteem for all AS participants, a reduction or elimination of target behaviours, a reduction in alcohol dependency and risk- taking behaviours.

What is the difference between Anger Solutions™ and traditional Anger Management Programs?

The first and most important distinction is the terminology – as it reflects the underlying philosophy of the program. Anger Management implies that we are teaching people how to CONTROL something – and when you break that down, Anger Management programs are teaching them to control behaviour. Anger Solutions is about RESOLVING the emotion of anger, and the issues that bring it up. Because we confront the underlying beliefs that dictate people’s behaviours, we actually give them the tools they need to CHANGE their old responses to new ones that are more effective. In effect, we do not need to teach them how to control their behaviour because we have taught them something much more valuable, and that is how to respond to their emotions safely and appropriately. The behavioural change comes as a result of that (of course, with some coaching from facilitators).

The second distinction between the Anger Solutions program and traditional AM programs is its approach. Rather than sticking to one model (usually cognitive behavioural), our program takes the best of several therapeutic models and combines/tailors them into a suit that is the best fit for our clients. We incorporate the CB approach along with Reality Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, traditional behavioural therapy, and the psychosocial rehabilitation model for lifeskills training. Together they create something that is more powerful than using only one of these tools. You know the old saying, “if the only tool you have in your toolbox is a hammer, you tend to treat everything like a nail.” So, Anger Solutions represents a complete toolkit, rather than just a hammer.

One of the keys to making this program work is the leveraging we do with clients to ensure that they are internally motivated to change their responses to anger. This helps with the attrition rate (drop outs as the program progresses), and again creates a stronger sense of buy-in, which in turn results in greater success.

Another difference is focus. In the Anger Solutions™ groups, there is no time built in for people to talk about “the things that MAKE them angry” – because in the end, it really doesn’t matter. Indeed, one of the first things we teach them is that people and things don’t MAKE us angry. (If that’s the case, then we are puppets, completely at the mercy of external stimuli). Rather, we have anger inside us, and certain things evoke that response. It is a different way of thinking about anger.

Lastly, the forgiveness component, is a powerful piece that helps people to let go of whatever hurts they brought with them to the group, and they can move on from there. Once people learn to truly forgive, then the anger of past hurts dissipates and no longer comes back to affect today’s choices.

This is an 8-week group, and costs $100.

For more information, contact CMHA – Oxford at 519-539-8055 ext. 211.


Suicide & Bereavement Groups

Youth Suicide Prevention Committee

This committee was formed in February 2016, and is in its infancy.   The Committee is made up of community partners and is currently developing strategies for Promotion, Prevention, Risk Management and Postvention for at Risk Youth. More to come stay tuned.

For information call 519-539-8055

Bereavement and Suicide Bereavement Support available in Oxford County

KIDS’ CIRCLE – Sakura House

Providing kids the tools to face life’s greatest challenges

VON Kids’ Circle provides supportive care for grieving children who have experienced the death of a loved one.

This is an eight week program, providing group support to children ages 4 to 11. Programs run several times throughout the year, please contact the Program Coordinator for specific dates.

Family members and caregivers are invited to attend the first session, for a special presentation and discussion entitled “When Families Grieve.”

VON Kids’ Circle is facilitated by the Program Coordinator as well as specially trained bereavement volunteers at no cost to families.

For more information & registration details, contact:

Nancy Clark, Hospice and Bereavement Coordinator at VON Sakura House – or (519) 537-8515 ext 3.


Understanding your Grief Nicole Bruder

8 Week Educational/Social Grief Support Group

Thursdays beginning September 15, 2016 until November 3, 2016

Winter session will be Thursdays > Jan 12 to March 2.

Spring session will be March 20 to May 18.   Times will be 7-9:30.

At SMITH-LeROY Funeral Home, 69 Wellington ST. N. Woodstock

Cost: price of books/materials

CALL:  519-537-3611 TO REGISTER


Understanding your Suicide Grief Nicole Bruder

9 Week Educational/Social Suicide Grief Support Group

Tuesday evenings will run from September 13, 2016 to November 8, 2016.

The winter session will run Tuesdays January 10, 2017 to March 7, 2017.

Spring session will run Tuesdays March 28, 2017 until May 23, 2017.

Time is 7-9:30, last 1/2 hour being for dessert and coffee and friendship.

At SMITH-LeROY Funeral Home, 69 Wellington ST. N. Woodstock

Cost: price of books/materials

CALL:  519-537-3611 TO REGISTER


Individual Grief Support

One-on-one grief support is also available at SMITH-LeROY Funeral Home, 69 Wellington ST. N. Woodstock. Call the funeral home to inquire.


Individual Suicide Bereavement Support

Some individual counselling support is available to immediate family members at CMHA Oxford. Call and leave a message at 519-539-8055 extension 210 and someone will call you back.