Support and Treatment

CMHA Oxford is part of the integrated, county-wide, 24-hour mental health service plan system. The team consists of professional staff trained in a variety of disciplines including social work, nursing, and occupational therapy. The program is recovery focused and voluntary for adults with a serious mental health concern who reside in or receive service in Oxford County.

The services provided by CMHA Oxford include: Crisis and Outreach Services, Community Support and Recovery Service, Supportive Housing, Court Diversion/Court Support, Concurrent Support Services, Dual Diagnosis Services, and Seniors Outreach and Recovery Service.

Crisis and Outreach Services
This is a 24-hour service available to adults who live in or receive services in Oxford County. Crisis and Outreach staff members respond by phone and/or mobile personal contact when deemed appropriate to individuals experiencing a sudden or unexpected event that places them in distress. Professional staff can provide referrals to appropriate agencies and office follow up service to ensure that community support services are in place.

The crisis line is not intended for calls from individuals looking for social contact or requesting transportation. Suitable situations include, but are not limited to: suicidal/homicidal thoughts or attempts, grief reactions, distressing mental health symptoms, self-harm, abuse, substance abuse, relationship issues, housing issues, employment issues, conflict with the law, and individuals requiring access to mental health services.

FOR URGENT SERVICE 24/7 – 1-866-933-2023 or

Community Support and Recovery Services
This service offers community based support for individuals with a diagnosis of a serious mental illness. Service provided is based on individual recovery needs. Contact is provided in the individual’s home or a safe place within the community. The goals of community support and recovery are: to assist individuals to live as independently as possible as they move forward in their recovery, to assist individuals with problem solving and making their own decisions, and to assist individuals in accessing a range of resources that will enable them to realize personal goals and acquire skills needed for their recovery. Supports may include assisting individuals with stressful life situations and offering groups for skill building, creativity, and social opportunities.  These services range from brief to longer periods of support based on the needs of the individual receiving services and also include ongoing recovery supports.

Supportive Housing
CMHA-Oxford owns and operates 4 houses and provides rent subsidies and housing support for apartments throughout Oxford County. CMHA partners with Addiction Services of Thames Valley to provide ASH (Addictions Supportive Housing) housing units.

Wilson House

Wilson House is a transitional eight-bed, co-ed housing program for individuals with a diagnosed serious mental illness. Case Management support is offered to individuals to work towards their personal recovery goals and returning to independent living. Residents have the opportunity to participate in social recreation, life skills coaching, and psychoeducational programming which is located in the home as well as with various community partners.

Homelessness Initiative Program

CMHA provides rent subsidies and housing support to individuals who are homeless or who are at risk of homelessness. The goal of the housing program is to provide safe, affordable, permanent housing options.

Court Support, Court Diversion and Community Treatment Court
The Court Support Program provides mental health care services to Oxford County residents 16 years and older who are living with mental illness and have come in conflict with the law. Staff members assess, assist, and advocate for Mental Health Diversion, develop Service Care Plans in conjunction with the individual, provide consultation and support for individuals throughout the court process, and assist individuals in connecting with mental health resources in the community. Linkages to the mental health system and consultation are also provided to family members, friends, legal professionals, health/mental health providers and the greater community.

Looking for more information on mental health & the justice system?  Download our Mental Health, The Justice System, and You book here.

Concurrent Support Services
This service provides community support for those individuals who experience a co-occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse issue. This includes individual and group counselling, assessment, treatment planning, follow up and referral that is recovery focused. The Concurrent Support Service provides community education and family/friend support with a strong community partnership.

Dual Diagnosis Support Services
This service provides community support for persons with a serious and persistent mental illness as well as an intellectual disability.

Seniors Outreach and Recovery Services (SOAR)
This service provides community support to those individuals 65 years of age and older who also experience a serious mental illness.

Peer Support
Peer Supporters are people who have a lived experience with a mental illness and are now in recovery. They understand a lot about mental health because they have been there themselves. They have taken Ontario Peer Development Initiative (OPDI) training for the role in addition to their personal experience.

Peer Supporters provide mentorship, emotional support, problem solving, goal setting, and referrals to other community supports. Peer Supporters promote hope, empowerment and self-determination through non-judgemental listening and person-centred goal setting.