I Became the person I was searching for … I BECAME MY OWN SUPERHERO: Erica’s Story


For starters, do you know that everyone has a Superhero inside of them?  Yes, that is right!  You have the potential and personal power to ignite and unleash your Inner Superhero to rise up and save your day!  Your Inner Superhero can solve your problems, achieve your life’s goals and dreams, and learn how to work with other Superheroes.  Personally, my Inner Superhero saved my life.  My Inner Superhero saved me from mental health challenges like: depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts that eventually led me to achieving my life goals and dreams.  For example, one of my goals was to become a published author to share my story about HOW I overcame my inner villain through waking up my Inner Superhero.  Because this process is so powerful that I feel it would be uncool not to share with others!

How does one tap into their personal power?  How does one ignite and unleash their Inner Superhero and Superpowers?  I am confident that some of you who are reading this have already started using some of your natural born gifts for greatness.  I know that some of you have already released your Inner Superhero, and it is awake!  But, that is not everyone’s story.  I know some people’s Inner Superheroes are sleeping and their inner villain has more power or their Inner Superhero is just waking up- no matter where you are on your life journey- you can choose to tap into this power anytime you want because the power already exists within you and it is yours to discover!  Remember, everyone has their own divine time in life when they choose to align with their Inner Superhero.

Why do we feel we need a Superhero?  Where does this feeling come from?  I believe that there are a few core reasons why people look for Superheroes.  First, I think we as human beings have lost touch with knowing our own personal power (We often feel powerless in life to solve our own needs.  We think or feel someone else needs to do it for us).  This couldn’t be more further from the truth.  The truth of the matter is we need to give ourselves permission to be the Superhero we are searching today because only we can save our day.  Don’t get me wrong, we have amazing people that come into our life that offer guidance, support, and information, but it is our personal power of allowing that information to be applied that is impactful!  Second, I truly believe that we are naturally designed for personal growth, so naturally we look to learn from others to provide the answers we are searching for.  We look for role models, coaches, and awesome people to learn from!  I often say these people are our mirrors.  Like a mirror, people can show us a reflection of ourselves; a personality trait(s), that we are not aware of that needs growth.  Sometimes it is easier to see things in people we don’t like rather then realize those qualities are apart of us.  The GREAT news is we are not alone in our life experiences, someone else on this planet has gone through and has overcome a challenge that you may be going through.  On the flip side, whatever your goals and dreams are, someone else on the planet has achieved them!  What does this mean?  This means that the information to succeed in whatever your task, goal or drive is, is out there!  Like the Avengers, you can create power teams and learn from all people and experiences that come in and out of your life – no matter whom or what they are.

The reality is life can be challenging and we all have areas of growth in our lives.  We all have needs as human beings, and when these needs are not met, life can feel scary.  We often look outside of ourselves to solve the problems, but the reality is we can only solve our problems by first going within ourselves.

So, what is the opposite of a Superhero?  I have come to learn that life has a balance of opposites.  For example, I know that there is positive and negative, light and dark, right and wrong, female and male, etc.  So what is the opposite of a Superhero?  The opposite of a Superhero is a villain.  What is a villain?  A villain has a mind-set of fear, self doubt, lacks trust for life and others, low levels of self esteem, confidence, self love, self acceptance, etc.  A villain behaves negatively, often feeling insecure, unhappy with one’s self.  A villain can be a bully, abusive, jealous, angry, and projects their pain onto others, simply because the inner villain doesn’t know how to deal with its pain.  I believe the villain is searching for new information to know how to deal with its pain.  I believe a villain is a person who doesn’t necessarily have evil motives but their behaviour can hurt others.  I truly believe that there are only a small number of evil people in the world with truly evil motives who take action to hurt others for personal gain.

A villain is a person who uses their Superpowers for evil to hurt others around them.  I believe that even villains have Inner Superheroes, but they’ve connected and aligned more with their inner villain.  Perhaps they were born into a life cycle where the inner villain had more power then the inner superhero or perhaps something tragic happened in their life and they are still searching to find the meaning of.  I often ask others: “are you being the worst or the best of what has happened to you?”   When people’s inner villain has more power I feel that these people are lost in life.  I believe that villains are afraid.  I believe that even villains are searching for their Inner Superhero.  I believe it is the Inner Superheroes of others that can lead the transformation of villains into Superheroes.  As Superheroes we love nothing more than to show the way of the Inner Superhero.

I believe everyone has an inner villain and an Inner Superhero.

Which side becomes stronger?  Which side is more powerful? Well, it’s the side that you give the most attention to and focus on.  It’s the side of you that feels more empowered, the side that makes most of the decisions, actions, and statements.  When we ignite our Inner Superhero, we are able to stand up against our inner villain to protect against negative living such as negative thinking, living or bullying, etc.  When this happens our life on the outside begins to change because we have dealt with our life on the inside.  We need to teach their inner villain the way of the Inner Superhero and share how much more fun it is to be like a Superhero!  When this happens, we have the power to overcome ANY life challenge and achieve ANY life dream!  This is so exciting!

Our Inner Superhero has the power to show the inner villain how to finally join the Inner Superhero to become one.  Our Inner Superhero knows what true power is.  I believe that the inner villain has great strengths and superpowers, but uses them to hurt themselves and others.  When the Inner Superhero and inner villain become friends and work together, then TRUE greatness can be achieved.  When you wake up your Inner Superhero and do the necessary life work, you will reach a point where there is no more inward bullying, destructive self-talk, or negativity.  With this transformation all thoughts and emotions are aligned in a healthy happy state of being ready to take on the world with a new collaboration of superpowers!  The aftermath of the inner villain and Inner Superhero working towards becoming one is high levels of self-esteem, confidence, personal power, positive thinking, and healthy living which in turn shines brightly onto others.  This is a process and takes time; however, it is the most rewarding process any human being can undergo in this life.

How did I realize that I could be my own Superhero?  First off, I was born into a family where my parents’ Inner Superheroes were sleeping- their inner villain had more power.  Their Inner Superhero was there and often you would see it shine through, however, their inner villain had more power.  In the beginning of my life my inner villain had more power too.  I began adopting similar thought patterns, attitudes and behaviours.  For the longest time, I didn’t feel I was worthy of love, health or happiness.  I didn’t think I was deserving or worthy of a great life because I didn’t see it at home and I took my parents struggles personally.  I thought something must be wrong with me for all this drama to happen.  Because my parents didn’t know how to show love to themselves they had a hard time showing love to me.  My parents struggled with a strong sense of self.  They experienced low levels self-esteem, confidence, forgiveness, inner peace, etc.  My parents were passed on a life cycle that they were born into and this life cycle they were passing onto others without self awareness.

Because I lacked life skills and was more aligned with my inner villain I struggled navigating through elementary school’s days with building friendships and participating in regular school and life activities.  Towards the end of elementary school days, girls were hard on each other.  Girls compared themselves to one another.  They compared their physical appearance, body parts, parent’s income level, learning pace and style in the classroom, etc.  This created friction and uneasy emotions amongst myself and many other girls.

Not knowing how to deal with emotions or challenges at school (didn’t know I had an Inner Superhero) my inner villain (this is all I knew) began to make decision on how to deal with challenges.  I was suspended in grade school for bullying and began skipping school due to peer pressure.  This pain continued into high school.

In high school, my inner villain developed stronger.  My parents went through their last separation where there was a domestic dispute.  I felt afraid, lost, abandoned and alone.  It wasn’t long until my inner villain found other inner villains who were going through similar experiences.  I began to make decisions out of pain and followed my inner villain.  I began smoking, taking narcotics, skipping school, committing crime and physically fighting other students.  Like building a snowball, this behaviour developed increasingly fast into deeper pain.  By the age of 16, I had been admitted to multiple juvenile detention centres, rehab and was living in a group home. Although, I had a great experience living in the group home, I still had a lot of unresolved past pain within me.

In high school, I found one of my main superpowers which was FITNESS!  Fitness was my drug!  I loved the natural high feeling after working out and my body craved healthy foods and drinks.  Fitness was my healthy outlet to express my emotions.  I built healthy levels of self esteem, confidence and personal power which served me well throughout my life.

I was doing the necessary life work, so I began to be more aware and ready to deal with my inner pain.

A few years later, a life experience triggered massive amounts of inner pain led to me trying to take my own life.  I remember in that moment, feeling this is the only way out of the inner pain I was feeling.  I remember feeling that I didn’t want to die, but I couldn’t live with this pain anymore.  Luckily, my attempt was not successful.  I began to pray and ask “life” why I feel this way and asked for help!  That feeling I had of not wanting to die, but couldn’t live with my pain anymore was my Inner Superhero- something inside me knew that this pain is here for a reason and I could feel a power within me that I didn’t understand but I wanted to understand.  That power was my Inner Superhero.

Throughout my life, I was uncomfortable being present in the moment.  I would often look to escape the present moment and frequently found myself wanting to be somewhere else.  You see I felt uncomfortable being present with my pain.  I didn’t want to feel the pain so I often look at escaping my inner pain through the use of substances.  I noticed it did release the pain for a period of time.  It wasn’t until my awakening that I realized to feel completely free from my inner pain I had to face my inner pain.  That is the moment I woke up my own Superhero and faced my pain head on.  I remember feeling so afraid to face my pain, but the only way that I could experience feeling freedom from my pain was to face it head on.  When I did that the pain away and I felt free from negative emotions for the first time of my life!

When I was 21 I experienced an awakening that changed my life forever.  I realized all that waiting was for me, my inner superhero, to stand up to my inner villain.  This finally resulted in me saving my own life!  “I was waiting for me to step up and be my own superhero.”  In stepping up to BE the person I was looking for, I began to discover I had possessed the powers all along.  I could use these superpowers to solve my own inner needs of love, sense of belonging, confidence, self-esteem, attention, relationships, scholarships, good grades, healthy living, and just pure awesomeness!

Today, I share my stories with others through my published book “I AM MY OWN SUPERHERO” and motivational speaking to students, parents, teachers and health care professionals.  My mission is to celebrate personal growth and share knowledge on how to awaken your inner superhero to save your day!