Feeling Better: What Recovery Means To You

Recovery as a word is similar to the process itself: difficult to define, and unique to each person.  The Canadian Mental Health Association of Ontario even defines recovery as “the personal process that people with mental health conditions experience in gaining control, meaning and purpose in their lives,” noting that “recovery involves different things for different people. For some, recovery means the complete absence of the symptoms of mental illness. For others, recovery means living a full life in the community while learning to live with ongoing symptoms.”

We listened to you here in Oxford County to find out what recovery means to you.


“Feeling better, being able to enjoy activities, a sense of well being”


“Feeling mentally well, having friends, getting a job in the community, going to activities.”


“Having someone you can talk to who is understanding, and is willing to help you”


“I can be happy without a thought”


“No more voices, because I can manage with meds, and general psych. Going to groups, leisure, social.”


“The ability to maintain your life with minimal assistance of professional help (doctors, dentists, physical therapy)”


“Having a good, happy life”


“Being mentally stable & support teams”


“No more psychiatrist visits”


“Feeling positive; being able to meet challenges in a proactive way”